I’m Cynthia, a psychiatry resident in San Francisco. I grew up in a Chinese-American immigrant family in a Northern California college town, studied biology and music in college, and completed my MD and PhD (in Neuroscience) at UCLA. I write about my experiences in physician and physician-scientist training, about the intersection of culture and psychiatry practice (e.g., in “The Masked Asian Psychiatrist” at Pulse Voices), and about provider wellness. This blog, A Contemplative Couch, was started as an informal space for exploring these areas.

When not working, reading, or writing, I also enjoy optimizing breakfast, sampling desserts, playing the piano, obsessing over my houseplants, running, and exploring the greater Bay Area.

I started blogging in 2010 at Time Whisking, which was mainly focused on food and travel and eventually expanded its scope to include some reflections on medical school and graduate school. The name “Time Whisking” grew out of my simultaneous interests in baking and in the neuroscience of somatosensory (touch) processing.

All views and opinions expressed here are my own.