Some thoughts on C/L, performance vs. growth, and “pager anxiety”

At the start of October I switched from my three-month Consultation/Liaison (C/L) rotation to the Adult Inpatient Program rotation, which will run through the end of December.  I found the C/L rotation challenging in multiple ways.  There was so much interesting psychiatry that I got to see and learn, with many clinical situations I hadn’t… Continue reading Some thoughts on C/L, performance vs. growth, and “pager anxiety”

Anti-racism check-in

A case vignette I wrote back in the spring, “A Racial Enactment Amid COVID-Focused Anxiety and Mania,” was published this month in Psychoanalytic Dialogues.  The vignette focused on some racially charged interactions and I and a colleague (who is also of Chinese descent) had with a Black patient, “Iris,” in the inpatient setting. The full vignette is… Continue reading Anti-racism check-in

Staying put, for a change

Being on the Consultation-Liaison service feels like everything is in constant flux: a patient list that is different every morning, walking all over the hospital, encountering different clinical questions, and seeing patients with different attendings. Over the course of a day I put on hats ranging from psychopharmacology non-expert (who is nonetheless trying to offer… Continue reading Staying put, for a change

The Masked Asian Psychiatrist

My story “The Masked Asian Psychiatrist” was published in Pulse last week! I started writing it several months ago when I was on my inpatient psychiatry rotation in the last third of my PGY-1/intern year. By the end of the spring, much had already been written about the pandemic’s effect on mental health, and there… Continue reading The Masked Asian Psychiatrist


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About Me

I’m Cynthia, a psychiatry resident in San Francisco, CA. I studied biology and music in college and completed my MD and PhD at UCLA. I write about my experiences in physician and physician-scientist training, in the intersection of culture and psychiatry practice, and in seeking provider wellness.



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